Monday, April 30, 2012

Mrs Billings Coverlet

Mrs Billings Coverlet
Border 1 & 2
My fabric selection
I've also started a quilt called Mrs Billings Coverlet. The hexagons are 5/8" each and the diamond shapes are tiny. This is my first hand pieced quilt   I am really enjoying hand piecing; the templates make the shapes easy to sew together as they are all the same size. I have always wanted to hand piece a quilt and Mrs Billings has certainly hooked me.

Choosing fabric for border 3
hexagonsBorder 4

Completed Mrs Billings 1st block of the month.
                     Happy stitching...

Busy little Christmas elves by Gail Pan.
I have finished the last stitchery block for my Gail Pan’s busy little Christmas elves Quilt. It has been a labour of love, although it took over a year to complete the stitcheries I thoroughly enjoyed stitching them, in between my other projects. Now to start sorting through my reds and choosing which ones I will use for the blocks around the stitcheries in the quilt.

.Happy stitching...
Busy little Christmas elves

Sunday, April 29, 2012


I spent Friday cooking Perogi. My mother was Polish and did try to teach us how to make these delicious little pillows (Perogi) Perfecting them takes time and eventually you will develop your own technique.

2 1/2 cups flour          a little salt
1 egg                         approx ¾ cup water (more if needed)
1 tbl.                         Makes approx.30-35 Perogi

Make mound of flour on breadboard or clean dry surface. Make a well in the flour and add eggs, water, oil and salt. Mix till everything is blended. Knead dough till smooth and elastic.
Then roll dough, and cut ¼ “thick dough into circles about 2 ½”in diameter. Fill with a ball of potatoes and cheese. Fold dough to make half moon shape. Pinch edges together tightly so the dough does not open up when boiling. Cover with towel so dough does not dry out before boiling.

COOK perogi in boiling water in large pot (they are done when they float to top and then boil for about 2 minutes. Then drain. Put in bowl with melted margarine. They can be frozen or put in fridge for 3-4 days. They can also be served with sour cream. Perogi are also very tasty fried in butter and onions.

POTATO FILLING—use baking potatoes, boil till soft and mash without milk or butter. Add salt and dry cottage cheese. Potatoes must be cold before rolling in balls for perogi. For 5 lbs. potatoes, use 1 lbs. cottage cheese, 3 tsp. Salt.
Sauerkraut Filling
2 tablespoons butter, 1 small brown onion finely chopped, 1 ½ cups sauerkraut drained and finely chopped

I lost my original picture so I am adding another one. This lot I made Thursday 14/11/2013. Wow 18 months apart must make them more often .

Happy stitching...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Life Is Beautiful- Hugs ‘n Kisses

I am at East Burwood  today it's been raining since 8.00am.The gardens love the gentle rain and are drinking it all in. I am working on my Life is Beautiful quilt today. I have decided to make it slightly different to the original pattern. By cutting down on the size and eliminating the sashing.The embroideries I don't use will go into a table runner. I have stitched 18 and need 25 more, slowly slowly will eventually get me there........

Cherry Chocolate

Gayle has taken my Cherry Chocolate to quilt. She has just started to quilt on her new quilting machine. It will be a challenge for her as it is not my best work. I only hope she can manage to do something with it.

Almost 1.30pm must leave to pick up seven (my dog) he is having a beauty treatment (clipped) today.Happy stitching...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Fabric Box Projects

Two of my projects I enjoyed making
Embroidered Fabric Box

Sewing Basket
Its been awhile since my last post,I have been busy sewing and enjoying a few outings with my grand daughters over the school holidays
Somerset Patchwork Stall
Also I went to The Australasian Quilt Convention at The Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens.I loved looking at all the wonderful quilts and of course spending some money on new projects.More photos soon.

I finished my last block from the Night Before Christmas quilt, just the borders to go .I cant wait to see the top finished
Happy stitching...

Sunday, April 1, 2012


In 1863 during the Civil war, Jane A. Stickle decided to make a sampler quilt. One hundred sixty-nine blocks, 52 triangles, 4 corner kites and 5602 pieces later... she had a quilt that, to this day, still leaves quilters in awe.

Dear Jane Shades of Red

Here is my Dear Jane Shades of Red Quilt which won viewer’s choice at Phillip Island Patchwork Display Melbourne Cup Weekend 2011. It has 169 Blocks 52 triangles 4 corner kites, number of pieces 5166, completed 4 August 2011.I used EQ Dear Jane Quilt Design Software.  

 Dear Jane Shades Of Red

Block A-2

Block A-1

Triangle Border Blocks



I managed to finish block 5 from  Raining Cats and Dogs quilt yesterday. I am using fused appliqué method for this pattern, and using my appliqué buttonhole stitch on my sewing machine.
                           Happy stitching...