Friday, April 20, 2012

Life Is Beautiful- Hugs ‘n Kisses

I am at East Burwood  today it's been raining since 8.00am.The gardens love the gentle rain and are drinking it all in. I am working on my Life is Beautiful quilt today. I have decided to make it slightly different to the original pattern. By cutting down on the size and eliminating the sashing.The embroideries I don't use will go into a table runner. I have stitched 18 and need 25 more, slowly slowly will eventually get me there........

Cherry Chocolate

Gayle has taken my Cherry Chocolate to quilt. She has just started to quilt on her new quilting machine. It will be a challenge for her as it is not my best work. I only hope she can manage to do something with it.

Almost 1.30pm must leave to pick up seven (my dog) he is having a beauty treatment (clipped) today.Happy stitching...

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