Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sleep Over at Nan's

The boys, Lachlan and Aiden (my grandsons) came over this afternoon ready for a sleep over at nan and pop’s house. It’s cold and raining so we stayed indoors and baked a cake for desert.

Tastes great
Happy little chappies..

They both helped and with great joy, licked the beaters as soon as the cake went into the oven. Pop helped with the jig saw puzzles while I cooked dinner. Then after dinner it was time to ice the cake and best of all eat it.

Brusha brusha brusha....
After watching a bit of foxtel and more puzzles it was time to brush teeth and get ready for bed. Tomorrow is another big day we are going to watch Lachlan play football. How exciting is that.....
Happy stitching

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