Sunday, July 29, 2012

Still raining

12.20 pm On our way back to Phillip Island and it is bucketing down. I have been watching the Swimming ,Beach Volleyball,Gymnastics Artistic and Rowing it's all so exciting. I just love the Olympics and what they stand for. We have arrived and the house is cold so Jim has put the wood fire on luckily it doesn't take long to warm up.Its raining again but the sun has tried to peek.

We decided to take the dogs for a walk when the sun finally came out. Half way through our walk the clouds came back, the sky went dark and it started to rain. By the time we got home the poor dogs were drenched. Jim didn’t take a jacket so all his clothes are now in the wash along with my track pants. I am now going to settle down on the couch and start a bit of stitching and wait for more Olympics to start again.
Happy Stitching...........

Seven , Eddie , Jack.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another Christmas Quilt

Good morning I set my alarm for 5.30 am this morning so I could watch the Olympic opening ceremony .I am so pleased I did it was wonderful. Mary Poppins, Lord Voldemort and Mr. Bean were all featured in Danny Boyle's salute to England. I loved The Queen with James Bond (Daniel Craig) and the corgis. The dancing, singing and fireworks were all spectacular. The lighting of the cauldron was magical.

song of Christmas top

Waiting for Borders

I finished putting together my "song of Christmas" quilt top yesterday so I could spend today watching some of the Olympics and finally getting back to Mrs Billings quilt.Yay....
Happy Sewing....

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Phillip island

Phillip Island Patchworkers held their AGM last Saturday. They donate every year to various groups including CFA, SES, Ambulance, and Lifesaving. We have 168 members, and have lots of workshops, bus trips, bag challenges etc. It was a lovely day catching up with friends and lots of projects. There was lots of great food, laughter and chatting. Kathy was there from Cotton onto Craft with her stall of goodies and new products to look at or buy. I bought some gorgeous buttons to put on my bag; we also have our trading table with lots of interesting fabrics, books and nick knacks. Priscilla gave me a pamphlet on a Dear Jane Exhibition on Fri 8 Sat 9 Sun 10 February 2013 at Box Hill Town Hall and suggested I might like to enter my Dear Jane Quilt.
              Happy Stitching....

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another Needle Case

A quick and easy needle case to make.

Pin all 3 layers together

approx. 6  3/4 "across (diameter)  
Cut out three shapes, main fabric, lining, and thin batting. Pin all layers together sew ¼” from edge all the way around leaving a small opening to turn right side out. Turn right side out through gap, press, hand sew opening and topstitch close to edge all the way around. Pin felt to centre lining matching contours of arches. Sew through all layers from dip in each arc to centre (making 8 pie wedges).Make buttonhole and add button.(The little tab is just big enough to make a buttonhole) Happy Stitching...
Add Felt 
Add button and buttonhole

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sneak Peek Christmas

All Blocks Cut

I started to cut out fabric for another Christmas quilt.This one is also a Gail Pan design and I am using Moda French General Fa la la la fabric.I hope to cut out and place the appliqué pieces on it in the next couple of days......happy stitching.
Applique's ready for stitching

I went to my weekly Monday night group at Newhaven. It is always lovely to catch up with the ladies and see their works in progress.
Tuesday was our monthly meeting at Shelley’s house. It has been extremely busy for Shelley as her daughter had triplets early in the year and there is always an extra pair of hands needed. The ladies wasted no time getting down to stitching their various projects. We all love sitting and stitching when the fire is on. Karen finished knitting her scarf and was working on her Xmas heart Stitcheries, Shelley was working on a new appliqué wall hanging in black and white fabric .Liz was working on her Xmas Stitchery.Lois worked on her hand piecing blocks,and Jackie arrived a little later and began knitting. I finally picked up Mrs Billings and managed to stitch a corner block. Yah !!!!!
This morning I went and had my blood tests etc.I will say my family doctor is very conscientious about these things, I hate doing them but when they are over I am very glad I did .

                                                Happy stitching.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Steve's Aboriginal Fabric Quilt

My son asked me if I could make him a quilt using aboriginal fabric. I designed the quilt using EQ5. I used 100% assorted cotton aboriginal fabrics. Australian Aboriginal designs with kangaroos, platypus, turtles, goannas, fish, snakes.  Gooloo Rust Spot. Gooloo Darkbrowns and grey dots, Rock art, Blues, Greens, Rust etc. I also machine embroidered a boomerang design in the corners of the joining blocks.Each block measures 24 x24 inches.There are 3 blocks across by 3 blocks down a total of 9 blocks.

24" x 24" Block
Boomerang candlewick embroidery
Steve's Aboriginal Fabric Quilt

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ham Pizza Wheels

2 puff pastry sheets
3 tablespoons tomato paste
thin slices of Ham or Salami
Thin slices of pineapple
grated cheese

Spread the tomato paste over the puff pastry sheets, leaving a 1.5cm gap at one end. Lay slices of ham to cover paste then a row of pineapples. Sprinkle cheese over the pastry leaving the gap. Roll the pastry toward the gap and then press the end onto the roll to join the pastry. The tighter you roll the pastry the better.Cover and place in the refrigerator until needed.

Cut 1cm slices and place on baking paper on a baking tray. Cook in a moderate oven (180C) for approx 10 minutes or until cheese has melted and pizza wheels have browned.Serve when hot.

After making the pizza wheels I took little Eddie (the dog) for a walk to Tally Ho Business Park down past Lakeside drive to the lakes. It was a lovely afternoon and just great for a stroll along the lakes.

 I would also like to welcome Sue to my blog.
Happy Stitching...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Christmas Hearts

Hi I just finished making these hearts for Christmas decorations and small gifts I thought you may be interested in seeing how I made them. I sew on the Theodora Cleave Christmas Buttons first then sew a long running stitch around the heart shape, attach the cardboard shape. Then pull on the running stitch thread hold it down with cello tape, attach a piece of ribbon and attach backing and sew the two pieces with glove stitch.

1.Add Glue
2.Pull thread around cardboard shape.
3.Place cello tape on thread to hold in place.
4.Add ribbon down centre and add back.

Happy Stitching..