Sunday, August 26, 2012

More fabric for Mrs Billings

Mrs Billings Coverlet

Yesterday morning I went to Somerset patchwork shop to show Karen and Sue my progress with Mrs. Billings. They both agreed I was progressing nicely and the colours worked well.
Sue took a photo with her camera phone and will try and pass it on to Karen. I then started to chat to Sue and asked her opinion as to how many colours to use in the quilt; her response was exactly what I wanted to hear.” Work with what you have OR as many as you like” . Yes I thought more fabric to buy, and although I said that I wouldn't I ended up with another 5 pieces of gorgeous fabric to add to my stash of Mrs. Billings fabric. Now the only problem I have is that I wasn't going to do any more on Mrs. Billings for awhile so I could catch up with raining cats and dogs. Hmmmmm to be cont.

More fabric added to Mrs B

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