Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mrs Billings Borders 6,7,8 added

Mrs Billings Coverlet

Hi I would like to welcome Judith our newest member,and all members.

Well I have finished making and attaching borders 6, 7, & 8 to MrsBillings. It took a lot longer than I anticipated making border 7 (1"squares on point, 80 squares in total). The top hasn't been ironed yet, I will wait a bit longer in case it stretches out of shape. I will leave Mrs Billings for a little while as I would like to catch up on some of my other projects.

Mrs Billings Borders 6,7,8 added

Aiden my 4 yr old grandson is spending the day with us. I promised we would take the dogs for a walk before lunch if it didn’t rain so bye for now.

Happy Stitching........
Mrs Billings Borders 6,7,&8 added

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