Friday, September 28, 2012

My iPad bag

Parisian Browning Essence
I had a nice piece of white linen left over from years ago so I dyed one piece with parisian essence and a smaller piece in strong black coffee. When we were in Warrnambool I carried my iPad and realised I needed a bag to put it in to make life easier. So I decided to make one for myself, similar to a satchel bag I made in the past. I then thought it would look nice with a nice stitchery on the flap, so I am going to use Anni Downs stitchery from her book Some kind of wonderful.I absolutely love the bag pattern and plan on making it for myself at a latter stag. For now I will reduce the original pattern to fit the front of my iPad satchel.

Black coffee solution

Exploring Ventnor Beach

Rock climbing 
 The boys exploring the beach and having fun climbing the rocks.

Happy Stitching..........

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