Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Baltimore Sampler

Baltimore Beauties and Beyond Vol.1. by Elly Sienkiewicz

Baltimore Album Quilts originated in Baltimore, Maryland in the 1840's.The complexity of the designs of the blocks demonstrated the skill and taste of the maker. Many hours were devoted to the creation of each of these quilts, and many were carefully preserved as family heirlooms. Appliquéd Baltimore Album Quilts with elaborate floral, animal, patriotic, and fraternal motifs became the height of fashion.

I embarked on my journey late 2004 and completed it in late 2006.After many hours of research exploring Baltimore quilts, I purchased the book Baltimore Beauties and Beyond by Ely Sienkiewicz. Enthusiastically I began my journey of making a Baltimore Quilt and started with “flier de lis I “lesson 1. After many hours and days of attempting to master the technique that Elly was demonstrating in the book, I finally got the flow of the stitch. Unfortunately despite all my enthusiasm by the time I reached block nine I lost all interest and stopped. My original intention of making a queen size Baltimore quilt ended up in a wall hanging. 

When I finished the top I then began the long process of cross hatch quilting and as I progressed I was very pleased with my efforts. In hindsight I should have found a class to attend. Today it is one of my favourite quilts and has pride of place in our bedroom draped over a large cane chair.

         Happy stitching...

Block one is one-colour cutwork applique. Needle turn applique.( Make no cuts until ready to sew in specific area.Then cut up to 2" at a time.)The crux of the method is to cut a little, sew a little.
Block 15 Cut-work with folded fabric flowers. I used needle applique in all blocks and border.

Pattern 1.Fleur-de-lis 1 Pattern 24 Ruched Rose Lyre
Pattern 15 Sweetheart Rose Lyre Pattern 21 Rose Wreath

Leaving Stanley this morning to board The Spirit of Tasmania later this  afternoon and head back home.
I prepared this post before leaving for our trip I hope you enjoy reading it.
Happy Stitching.........

Friday, October 26, 2012

Leaving Launceston

Leaving  Launceston  on a bright and  sunny morning heading for Hobart via Campbell town,Swansea,Triabunna, and Richmond.
We spotted these wonderful woodcarvings in Campbell Town.
Swansea Bear Cottage Crafts
Bear Cottage Crafts
Sufi's in Triabunna
Sufi's for craft & Christmas

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Scandinavian Rose Quilt

Scandinavian Rose Quilt

I have been busy preparing for our trip to Tasmania; we leave tomorrow afternoon on board The Spirit of Tasmania. I am really looking forward to exploring Tassie and hopefully finding some patchwork shops to look for new ideas and fabrics.
Until then I thought I would show you one of my new projects “Scandinavian Rose" by Rosalie Quinlan, I think it is absolutely gorgeous. First things first, deciding on the fabrics and thread I would use for this project. The Fabric wasn't a hard decision; it had to be the French General range from Moda. The thread was a bit more challenging because I wanted to use a colour and texture that I hadn't used before. Finally I choose Cottage Garden threads Perle 8 “running postman", which is a variegated thread and runs between a lovely red and soft brown. Now all I have to do is start on the first block.

French General Fabric
Deciding on Thread

More French General Fabric

My chosen Thread & fabrics
                                                                                     Happy stitching........................

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Enjoying A Stitching Soirée

Saturday morning I joined three friends to attended “A Stitching Soiree " hosted by Lisa from Fig 'n' Berry Creations & Viv from Viv's Creations. We spent the day stitching, catching up with friends, laughing, exchanging stories and enjoying great food. Karen from Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop was also there with lots of beautiful fabric, threads and patterns.
 On arriving at our table we each received a bag filled with goodies which included two patterns with starter fabric for those wanting to begin the projects. 
The walls were decorated with gorgeous quilts and smaller projects on display to entice; hence Karen was kept very busy with all the sales. Although I had every intention of not buying anything on the day, I couldn’t resist the “Christmas Eve” starter kit, as well as gorgeous linen and more blue fabric for “Oh Christmas Tree “wall hanging. By late afternoon carrying our bag of goodies and purchases we piled into two cars and headed for home.
 I would like to thank Lisa, Viv & Karen for a thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable day.

                                                          Happy stitching........

Ready for stitching or applique
scissors, tape,seam ripper, thimble,6 patterns
Fabric I purchased for the pattern.
Sorry about the colour of the fabric it should be the same as the picture below.
Fabric I purchased for this pattern 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Song of Christmas

Song of Christmas came back from the quilters I have added the binding and ironed on a few diamantes down the sides and on the bird as an eye. Unfortunately it doesn’t show in the photos.  I love all the lovely quilting Leonie did again the photos doesn’t do the quilting justice. It measures 42” x42” featuring appliqué and piecing. I made this wall hanging using Fa La La fabric from French General Moda fabrics range.

Song of Christmas

I thought I would also show another of Gail’s designs. This is called Country Kitchen. Just as the name suggests it is a perfect wall hanging for the kitchen. It features stitcheries and pieced borders. I only made a small part of the wall hanging as my wall did not allow for the complete wall hanging. That is one of the great options of this design you can make it according to the pattern or just use part of the design to end up with a stunning wall hanging.

Country Kitchen
                                                           Happy sewing.....

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Christmas Banner Stitchery

Making Spirits Bright  

Finished "Making Spirits Bright "
The Birdhouse Patchwork-Designs
I enjoyed making this pattern,I found the stitchery easy with
clear instructions to finish the project.

Happy stitching.........


Hi Carol welcome and thank you for joining our group.

While visiting Val's blog ,I was interested to read about an app she began using. Val had read about it on , Never too hot to stitch blog. I then continued on to Lynne's blog for more information. It sounded great, just what I needed to track the progress of my projects and record the ones I had completed . I then proceeded to the errands site to download it.To date I am very impressed and have completed loading my information into the app . It amazed me to see what I had achieved this year, and what I still would like to finish before the end of the year. Thank you Val for posting the information on your blog. Here is the link if anyone is interested in reading about it.    OR   It is free from iTunes store
                             2012 errands app button Happy stitching......................

Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Garden Quilt progress

I have been a bit under the weather and decided I would try to  catch up on a few of my projects and blog posts.I was  pleasantly surprised to see that I had actually completed five Blocks from Lynette Anderson’s My Garden Quilt.  Therefore I thought I would post them now rather than wait until I complete the whole set. It is always a challenge for me to decide on a colour way,  this time I ventured out of my comfort zone and chose muddier colours . These little blocks are very addictive and I find when I start on one I find it very difficult to put it down.

Happy stitching............

Block 1
Block 2

Block 3
Block 4

Block 5

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Quilt Crawl

Theday of the long awaited quilt crawl finally came and I was very excited thatmorning to be in a car along with 3 like minded friends. The first stop was " mill rose quilting & gallery". I bought some lovely French general fabric toadd to my collection. Confetti by Irene Blanck quilt pattern, some CottageGarden threads. Then on to “mill rose restaurant and cafe "to recharge thebatteries. After a beautiful lunch " Eureka patchwork" shop in Ballarat a hugeamount of fabric. A must see is " Ballarat Patchwork" shop. The next morning "Threadbear" in Castlemaine this was my heaven, absolutely beautiful all the fabricsand the layout. Wow!!!!!!! .Patch n Quilt Gisborne lovely and definitely worth astop.How lucky am I great friends and a fantastic trip. Happy stitching........

Monday, October 1, 2012

Scarf Finished.

I would like to welcome Cath again from Bits ' Bobs 
and Val from Val Spiers Sews
There are so many clever and artistic people out there to inspire. Every time I surf the net I am amazed at the beautiful designs and projects. Truly inspiring. Thank you.
A quick post, I have finished my scarf and am quite pleased with it. The pattern is in Australian Knitting. Happy stitching ........


Linen iPad satchel

Done!!!  The stitchery went faster than I thought so today I measured my iPad case and started to cut out the fabric. I allowed a couple of inches all the way around to make room for the iron on pellon and lining.First I made my flap, and then I joined main fabric and lining to make a pocket for the front of my satchel. I then made my outer bag making small box corners at the base. Then I made the same in the lining fabric. Next I made a strap. Lastly I turned my bag inside out and put my flap and strap in place then the lining inside my bag. I stitched through all the layers then turned it right side out through the gap at the bottom of the lining. I then top stitched around the top added a button and a hair tie to pull around the button and stitched the gap at the bottom of the lining. That’s it finished and I must say I love it.  Happy stitching......