Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Baltimore Sampler

Baltimore Beauties and Beyond Vol.1. by Elly Sienkiewicz

Baltimore Album Quilts originated in Baltimore, Maryland in the 1840's.The complexity of the designs of the blocks demonstrated the skill and taste of the maker. Many hours were devoted to the creation of each of these quilts, and many were carefully preserved as family heirlooms. Appliquéd Baltimore Album Quilts with elaborate floral, animal, patriotic, and fraternal motifs became the height of fashion.

I embarked on my journey late 2004 and completed it in late 2006.After many hours of research exploring Baltimore quilts, I purchased the book Baltimore Beauties and Beyond by Ely Sienkiewicz. Enthusiastically I began my journey of making a Baltimore Quilt and started with “flier de lis I “lesson 1. After many hours and days of attempting to master the technique that Elly was demonstrating in the book, I finally got the flow of the stitch. Unfortunately despite all my enthusiasm by the time I reached block nine I lost all interest and stopped. My original intention of making a queen size Baltimore quilt ended up in a wall hanging. 

When I finished the top I then began the long process of cross hatch quilting and as I progressed I was very pleased with my efforts. In hindsight I should have found a class to attend. Today it is one of my favourite quilts and has pride of place in our bedroom draped over a large cane chair.

         Happy stitching...

Block one is one-colour cutwork applique. Needle turn applique.( Make no cuts until ready to sew in specific area.Then cut up to 2" at a time.)The crux of the method is to cut a little, sew a little.
Block 15 Cut-work with folded fabric flowers. I used needle applique in all blocks and border.

Pattern 1.Fleur-de-lis 1 Pattern 24 Ruched Rose Lyre
Pattern 15 Sweetheart Rose Lyre Pattern 21 Rose Wreath

Leaving Stanley this morning to board The Spirit of Tasmania later this  afternoon and head back home.
I prepared this post before leaving for our trip I hope you enjoy reading it.
Happy Stitching.........


  1. Helen, thanks for sharing your lovely Ely S album quilt. It looks great and I love the dimensional applique. Well done.

  2. Hi Helen. This is such a fabulous quilt! I assume its all needle turn applique? It was well worth the time and effort and I can see why it is one of your favourites.

  3. Hi Helen. I'm working on the Fleur de Lis block from lesson 1 right now. It's very encouraging to see your gorgeous quilt. Thanks for posting these pictures. I look forward to looking through your blog. Happy quilting!


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