Monday, December 3, 2012

Cherry Chocolate Quilt.

We had our Christmas Meeting Saturday with lots of food and yummy deserts. Everyone brought a plate along and I am always amazed at how we seem to always have the right amount of dishes for lunch as well as sweets, not once has there been a shortage of one or the other. We all had so much fun sharing jokes, ideas for new projects and recipes. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so no photos.
Karin from Mrs Martin and Lisa from fig 'n' berry creations set up a stall with lovely products to tempt us. Lisa had all her quilts and patterns on display and Karen had lots of fabrics etc. to inspire us. I bought one of Lisa's patterns that I fell in love with; I will take a photo of it when I am ready to start on it.
Lisa had also finished quilting my Night Before Christmas quilt which she brought along to give me, as usual she had done a magnificent job of quilting it, but that story will have to wait till I put the binding on and take some photos of it.

The other big surprise for me was Gayle had also finished my Cherry Chocolate quilt and had it with her to give to me. It looked gorgeous I couldn't wait to put the binding on. It was what she called her practise quilt as she had only just started on her machine.The long arm machine quilting was spectacular. I put the binding on this morning but still need to hand stitch it in the back, but I was so excited I have taken photos of it and lots photos of the quilting.

Happy quilting..........


Cherry Chocolate


  1. Helen, what a wonderful job you have both done. That is a delightful quilt!

  2. Thank you Judi all I have to do now is finish sewing down the binding, but that is on the back burner this close to Christmas. :-)

  3. Helen, I have fallen in love with your quilt. Do you have the pattern for it for sale? If not, what is the main star block. Did you design it yourself? How beautiful it is.

    Hoping to hear from you,
    Alice in Palm Desert, California, USA

  4. The Cherry Chocolate is a beautiful quilt, how can I get the pattern?

  5. I'm not sure if Desley is selling the pattern .Here is the information if you would like to follow up


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