Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cottage Garden Quilt Finished

I managed to finish quilting my Cottage Garden Quilt today. I also stitched the buttons in place and was very pleased with the result. I asked my husband to help me hang it in place as I couldn't wait to see it on the wall. I wasn't disappointed I love it....Thank you Lynette Anderson for a lovely pattern.
                                    Happy stitching.........


  1. Hi Helen I have been visiting your blog for a while, but commented, well that has to change!
    This is a wonderful quilt, you have done a fantastic job of it... I love the fabrics and you've quilted it beautifully. I love Lynette's designs too...
    I'll be calling in again very soon.
    Bye for now, Anthea

    1. Hi Anthea thank you for visiting and leaving such a lovely comment. I enjoyed all the stitching in this quilt and like you I love Lynett's designs and hope to do more. I look forward to your next visit. :-)


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