Monday, December 17, 2012

Scandinavian Rose Quilt

Scandinavian Rose Quilt
I have managed to complete one block of my Scandinavian Rose Quilt and sew a few rows for the borders. I am very pleased with the colours I decided to use and look forward to completing more blocks.

Block 3

I started on block 1, and think it is starting to take shape nicely.  I am very eager to keep going but will have to put it down to go and do my Christmas shopping. I swapped with my daughter in law so I am having Christmas lunch at our house this year. There will only be nine of us as two of my granddaughters can't be with us this year. It's an exciting time of the year and I am looking forward to having the family around the table.
                                         Merry Christmas and A Safe and Happy New Year

Block 1 & 3
                                              Happy stitching............


  1. Hi Helen, I'm a new visitor to your blog, I like the look of this design, best of luck with continuing it... and the fabrics are great too

    1. Hi Anthea nice to hear from you and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I enjoy reading what others think. Merry Christmas :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Nice to hear from you thanks for stopping by my blog. It's great to hear from others their thoughts. It's the first time I have worked with perle cotton in a stitchery and I am looking forward to seeing the overall effect. Have a lovely Christmas.:-)

  3. I love the look of this design, but I can't find anyone who stocks it here in UK :-(

  4. Hi Radka so nice to hear from you and welcome, if you go the Rosalie,s web page there are a few UK stockists named. Please let me know how you go. Also here is her email
    I hope this helps :-)

  5. Hi Helen, I have found my way back at last. I don't usually re-visit the same post after I leave a comment, so please if you want to answer, just click on my name and you will find my email address.
    I was starting to think that I will have to order the pattern from overseas, as nobody in UK stocks it at the moment, but I have now found somebody who will order it for me as BOM, which is great, I look forward to it.
    Thank you for your help, and I wish you a happy new year!


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