Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mrs Billings Coverlet Border 9

Mrs Billings Coverlet

Back to my sewing I have taken Raining Cats and Dogs to the quilters at last deciding I couldn’t do it myself at the moment.
Next I got cracking on Mrs Billings Coverlet  AT LAST!!!!!!!!! which I purchased from Somerset Patchwork. All four borders are finished and finally attached. Yay....That's Border 9 completed. I will have a break from her now at least until my left index finger has a chance to heal. I kept stabbing into the same spot as I was Piecing the border on. Oh well I think it was worth it.
                                    Happy Stitching...........................

Two Borders completed

All 4 borders complete

Mrs Billing Border 9 Attached.

Hi, it has been a very busy month my granddaughters Lauren and Erin came over from Adelaide and Jessica from Mt Elisa. We had a lovely day shopping at Knox bags, shoes, dresses, jewellery were tried on and bought with lots of enthusiasm and excitement. Then the following week Jessica, her cousin Alexandra and friend Megan came to spend a couple of days with us at Phillip Island. That meant it was time for me to cook pancakes and top them with ice-cream, honey, strawberry, jam and sugar when the girls had their full it was back in the bedroom for some serious girl talk before bed. I do miss them, when they are gone the house seems so quiet.

Who is going to clean up ?

Nan's Pancakes

Jessica (Left) Alexandra (middle) Megan (Right)

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