Thursday, January 3, 2013

Heat Wave

Scandinavian Rose Quilt
Australia is experiencing a heatwave, I went swimming with my two grandsons this morning however by lunch time it was too hot to stay outside and risk them burning. Therefore after a lovely swim they went back home with mum to an air-conditioned house to spend the rest of the day indoors. It is 37.8c at the moment 1.53pm thank goodness for air-conditioners.
 Although I haven’t managed any sewing to show today I was excited to receive in the mail 25 skeins of Cottage Garden Threads for my Scandinavian Rose Quilt. Considering that the dye lots can vary sometimes I was lucky enough to be able to acquire this batch and I hope to spread them out over the blocks. The instructions on the back of the pattern tells me I need 5 to 6 skeins of my favourite embroidery floss for each b.o.m pattern, but as you know I am using the Perle 8 unfortunately in my excitement of beginning the blocks I didn’t keep tabs on how much I was using. So I will make one block and see how much it takes then I will know how many I need to spread out among the blocks to bring together the dye lots.


  1. I have never used Cottage Garden threads, are they coloufast?

    1. As yet I haven't washed anything that I used the thread on. I went to their website and found this, I hope it helps you Radka

      Cottage Garden Threads are carefully hand over-dyed in small lots to ensure a quality product, therefore the dyeing processes and techniques are more labour intensive to ensure a beautiful quality stitchery thread.
      The small batch process also means that the thread is treated gently, has a sheen finish, a low knotting rate and excellent strength handling properties at the end of the process.
      Like any hand dyed thread, Cottage Garden Threads can not be guaranteed 100% colour fast... however these threads are processed very carefully to avoid colour loss and if cared for correctly, will have a 97 - 100% dye fastness.


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