Thursday, March 21, 2013

Yoko Saito Projects Fabric

My Japanese fabric  pack arrived for my new project, I was so excited as I was opening the package.I ordered the Japanese woven yarn dyed fabric also the Japanese Taupe yarn dyed fabric 4" pack. I wasn't disappointed, the colours are exactly what I had imagined and the texture of the fabric is so soft and lovely to touch.I am looking forward to working with these fabrics for the first time.
I have narrowed my choices down to three quilts designed by Yoko Saito that I hope to work on. But which will be first !!!!!!!
        Happy stitching.............

Japanese Woven Yarn Dyed Fabric

Japanese Taupe Yarn Dyed 4" Fabric


Radka said...

I look forward to seeing your choice :-)

Karen said...


baukje said...

Hi , I enlarged the floral bouquet blocks. A friend did it for me, she did put the copymachine on 150% .
The block on the upperright with the bird is 30 x 23. I love this size, not too big not too small. I will continue working on the quilt this summer. For me winter is patching and summer, sitting outside is appliqué. Greetings from France

WesternWilson said...

Where did you source the Japanese wovens? They are hard to find in Canada and I'd love to know if there are online sellers I can check out!