Monday, May 27, 2013

Yoko Saito Update

Hello and welcome to all my new followers. This has been such a challenge working on my first Yoko Saito block. I was in a dilemma deciding on the colours, my first choice looked dark and the checks on the basket line crooked. So I pulled it out and started again taking care with the basket measuring and remeasuring. Slowly stitching and tacking care with the needle turn seam making I sure I didn't go over. Then the second part of the block on the right which should have been easy turned out quite difficult to stitch accurately as well. Finally here is the end result. Through trial and error I have learnt that working with woven fabric takes a lot more care with placement and stitching and to double and triple check placement. I am having a short break before starting the next block......
                                                               Happy stitching.............


  1. Lovely block Helen, well done!

  2. Lovely work, Helen! It *is* a challenging project, but when you finally get the blocks done, they are really beautiful.

    I struggle too with choice of fabrics for this project. You're inspiring me to pick mine up again :o)

  3. It's really worth all the hard work Helen, beautiful x


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