Sunday, June 30, 2013

Girls (shopping) Day Out

We're  back

 My grand daughters came over from Adelaide for the school holidays . We spent the day shopping and searching through all the shops for that perfect outfit ha ha. With all the sales on that shouldn't have been hard, we stopped for lunch and the search continued but with teenage girls well...... finally Erin decided on the fluorescent jumper and black scarf and Lauren found the black dress and dusty pink cardigan..oh and I bought a $35.00 jumper so that I could get a scarf for $5.00 that I liked, makes sense doesn't it ........

Lauren in her new outfit with Nan

Lauren Nan & Erin in her new outfit

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  1. A $35 sweater to get a $5 scarf? Hummm... think I'm missing something here! :o) You should get a prize for keeping up with two teenage girls on a shopping expedition. I can't keep up with my mum and she's 85!! Well done....


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