Thursday, July 25, 2013

Craft & Quilt Fair

I had a great time at the Melbourne craft & quilt fair. On the way in I met a lovely lady from Tasmania, as we walked to the building we chattered about what else.. patchwork.

With my list in hand I first went in search of more Japanese fabrics for my Floral Bouquet quilt and another one that I hope to start. It didn't take me long to find my stall with the fabrics I needed. I can't say wanted as I would have wanted them all. After making my selection and ordering the border fabric I then continued on to browse the other stalls.

 I did purchase a few items, again that I needed, and a couple I just wanted.On the whole I think I was very good. I didn't sign up for any B.O.M or buy any more patterns,and I only bought the fabrics I needed. I then went to look at all the lovely quilts on display, unfortunately I only took a couple of photos.

                                                              Happy stitching .......

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  1. Glad you had a lovely day and got all the things you had on your list.

  2. I understand !!! All those fabric that's is laughing at you it's so difficult to resist.
    Your choice is beautiful. i hope to finish my floral bouquet quilt this week!!!!

  3. Great fabrics Helen, gosh you were very well behaved to purchase only those things & not sign for a BOM or other temptation!! Enjoy x


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