Monday, July 1, 2013

Grandmother's Flower Garden

My Journey purchasing fabric.

I  started this project in April but just wasn't happy with the fabrics. I needed to make 3 different flower Hexies with the same centres the main theme for this quilt.

I went to my beautiful patchwork shop that does have gorgeous fabric and helpful staff with my pattern. Karen asked me to pick the first fabric and then she built on that, which she blended beautifully. I ended up with about 7 fat quarters no background and border fabric.

When I got home I started making my first flower then struggled with the next and came to a brick wall with the third I then decided to pick just 4 fabrics and put the other fabrics away. I managed to make the second and third flower. But still was not happy with the designs on the fabrics. By this time I lost my enthusiasm for this project and stopped.

Finally I went on a mission armed with my pattern. I went to Patchwork With Gail B in Bayswater.
They currently have more than 12,000 different bolts of fabric on their shelf's. That sounds great BUT it can be overwhelming and the staff are to busy to really help. Which can be a good thing because it made me select my fabric with out any assistance,I took my time and keep focusing on what I had in my mind for this quilt.

Finally after what felt like an eternity I came back home with my new 3 fabric selections for the flowers plus the background and border fabric which I hadn't bought previously thank goodness.

This is what I ended up with as my first flower. A new centre fabric, new 2nd row fabric,new 3rd row the tone on tone cream background  fabric and the fourth row which is also the border fabric.

We have all different preferences and styles for our fabrics this is one of mine.

                                         Happy stitching..............

My First Flower for Grandmother's Flower Garden 


  1. I love your flower and beautiful choice of fabric.

  2. Great choices, Helen. I love this flower.

    So good that you are now once more happy about this project.

  3. This is beautiful. Great fabric choice. Hugs.....


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