Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bridestowe Lavender Estate Tasmania

We woke up to rain this morning so no walking before we leave on the next leg of our journey. We are on our way to George Town with a stop to Bridestowe  Lavender  estate. When we arrived it was still drizzling, unfortunately the lavenders weren't in bloom. The Consolation prize was the coffee shop and gift shop, just beautiful. I ended up with a bag full of goodies to take home. I did buy some culinary lavender and picked up some free recipe cards. Hmmmm not really being into cooking but the samples were delicious......

Happy stitching .......
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  1. oh what a lovely place Helen,have fun.xx

  2. Beautiful place to visit. I would love some of those cupboard for my cave......

  3. I think that lavender is something you love or hate. I love it!


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