Saturday, April 26, 2014

Scandinavian Rose Finished.

My Rosalie Quinlan's Scandinavian Rose using Cottage Garden Perle thread and French General fabrics. 
I finished putting the binding on my Scandinavian Rose quilt when it came back from the quilters. Thank you so much Leonie for the marvellous work you did on quilting it for me, above and beyond my expectations.


Happy stitching........

Quilt Crawl 2014

Excited and eager to explore as many patchwork shops as possible in the next couple of days we began our journey. Shelley our driver, Debbie in charge of climate control,Carin and myself in the back.

Carin Choosing fabrics..
First stop Threadbeare

Then millrose cottage
Gails Patchwork Emporium.Ballarat.
Shelley Carin Helen and Debbie entering Gails Patchwork Emporium

I did forget to take photos.....We Also visited ....Sew Special.... The Blanket Box..... and last stop Gail B........

My Purchases......

Lynette Anderson Fabric and Cottage Garden threads

Assorted Reds and Creams

More Reds and Creams

Pins ,Quilting cotton, Cosmo embroidery thread ,Needles more fabric.

My Haul hehe......

Forgot......Purse and necklace......
                      New Projects on the horizon..................

                                                              Happy stitching.........

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dresden Surprise Arrived

I just got home from our 3 day quilt crawl which was lots of shopping, fun and more shopping. The first thing I noticed was a squishy parcel with my name on it.

I quickly opened it to see what was in it and I nearly buckled at the knees. 

Cheryl from Cherylsstitching blog has made a gorgeous Dresden table runner in the most delicious French General fabrics, ....which by the way are my favourite fabrics.. he he..and yummy easter chocolates and maltesers which i am munching on as I type........    :-)

Thank you so very much Cheryl for such a wonderful gift as part of our F.H.F.S. I will always treasure it.



Happy stitching..........

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Four Little Bags

I began with one bag and now have three more as gifts.

 I am leaving this morning with three friends Shelley, Carin, and Debbie for our two day quilt crawl. My lovely friend Shelley is our driver, navigator , and organiser. We missed last year as Shelley had major surgery and was out of action for quite a long time.
We will now have a bag each for our trip and new projects.




FNSI Flying Geese Bag.

Easter FNSI I joined in with Wendy and friends. To see what everyone else was working on.

I used Grits curved flying geese pattern that she made for her zipper pouch. Grit has a wonderful tutorial on her blog for making the curved flying geese and the zipper pouch. Go here.

Originally I was going to make the pouch then realized I didn't have a zip the size I needed, so I did a turn around and made this bag instead.


   I then sew 3 loops and one long piece for the handle to loop through the three loops.



Happy Easter and Happy stitching.......

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A surprise from E.Bunny

I arrived back this afternoon from Phillip Island after spending 5 sleeps there with our two GS Aiden and Lachlan aged 5 & 7. On the table was a mystery parcel sent from E. Bunny, no return address. I was so excited opening it, and this is what was inside.
Delicious Easter eggs and a GORGEOUS spray of folded fabric flowers.

Me .......Hugh smile on my face........ 

Thank you so much E. Bunny for your generous and very thoughtful gift.........

                      I hope that you have a wonderful and very Happy Easter E. Bunny !!

Happy Easter to all my lovely Friends in Blog Land.................

Thursday, April 10, 2014

One Flower Wednesday

I have been sewing more flowers for my top border of Confetti. Thanks Karen for hosting ! If you would like to see other lovely flowers go here to watch them bloom


Happy stitching...........

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dresden Swap F.H.F.S.

I am a member of  Friends Having Fun Swap an on line swap group. Our first swap is a Dresden plate and this is what I made and sent to Shez my partner for this first swap.The fabric panels are called Olivia by Michele D'Amore. The linen look texture is just gorgeous. The range is in a sun-washed vintage rose blush. The Dresden's are mostly French General fabrics. I just received a message from Shez to say she has the parcel so I can show you what I made for her. Whew so much fun .........
Happy stitching......








Saturday, April 5, 2014


It was another FNWF last night,so lovely to join in with so many others.Thank you Cheryll for gathering us all together.
I have been working on my hand pieced scrappy pyramid quilt. I managed to finish machine quilting it last night and added the binding this morning.

The bulk of the fabric is from my Quilt Gate, Gentle Flowers range,some from Lynette Anderson, and left over scraps  from Mrs Billing quilt and even a piece from a quilt I made for my daughter in law about 10 yrs ago.
For all the purists and quilting police .....hehe......
Traditional scrap quilt history state that the majority of scrap quilts were "make do" projects, quilts constructed from leftover patches in order to be thrifty, and use every scrap of fabric available. 
The number of fabrics you use in your scrap quilts is another option that's totally up to you, from charm quilts, where no fabric is used more than once, to quilts with a more orderly appearance. There are no rules... 




Happy stitching...............

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Parcel Sent

I sent my parcel last night to my F.H.F.S. secret partner. I hope she likes it .
This morning I took my dear friend Doris to a couple of patchwork shops.
First stop Craftpaks in Heathmont. A gorgeous shop catering for embroidery and patchwork . I bought a cute purse frame pattern. 
Next stop Spotlight where I found the frames for the purse pattern and also a pkt of flexi frame.
Stopped for a coffee to refuel.
Last stop Gail B where I found a lovely Rosalie Quinlan bag pattern. Sorry I can't show it as it will be a secret sewing project in the near future. 

A fun morning......

Happy stitching .......