Monday, December 1, 2014

Weekend Gardening

Gardening........planting a cherry tree and some veggies, tidying the garden up for Christmas.

Almost the end of my beautiful Climbing rose till next season.


  1. Your garden looks lovely Helen, are they tomatoes by the fence? They look big already....well compared to mine!! Some of our roses have flowered for the season too, that climbing one is beautiful.

  2. That was lovely coming for a walk around your garden!! Your vegie patch is coming along and the garden is looking really neat and tidy!! Great work Helen........ oh, and I love the snippets of lovely Christmas decorating at the top your blog.....

  3. your garden looks so lovely and organised...

  4. That rose is lovely. Here winter is coming, they announce frost for next week. My geraniums are still outside so there is work to do...

  5. Glorious! The garden of my dreams.


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