Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dave the Dachshund

My Tilda dachshund that I made for my granddaughter Jessica's 20th birthday. I found the pattern for 
Dave The Dachshund- Sew Magazine free download. At sew
Hehe..she loved Dave so much when I gave him to her,not putting him down , and has asked if I could make more in different sizes, she wanted a real dachshund for her birthday but her mum said no as Jess is always out when not studying or working part time, so I made her a substitute.


Happy stitching ......


  1. He is beautiful!! Or should I say, most handsome!

  2. oh he is so cute Helen xx

  3. Dave has found himself a great mate there, in Mr Gnome!
    At least Jessica won't have to pick up Dave's 'deposits' of the back lawn when she's so busy!
    Beautifully sewn, Helen x

  4. What a very nice dog in your garden !

  5. Looks like you had a bit of fun posing your cute dachie hehehe. Great idea. So cute.

  6. hi I have the pattern.. what is the actual size of the dog when made please. I am not sure if my printer has made it actual size.. looks a little small thank u


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