Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tasmania 2016

Woo hoo we have finally left for our yearly getaway to Tasmania. As you may remember I was ill most of last year so we missed out.
We came over on the Spirit of Tasmania Monday night to a beautiful sunny day on Tuesday. Our first stop Launceston, where I wanted to start my walking adventures again. ( I have missed my walking the last 8 months the most ). The pictures can tell the story :))))).

View from our balcony 

Scones with jam and cream at the top with some visitors ...

Happy stitching....


  1. How wonderful for you! Looks like it is a beautiful place. I might get there oneday. Enjoy and keep well.

  2. About 12 years ago hubbie & I did the boat trip up the gorge when we visited Tassie for our 20th anniversary - first time to tassie for us both and I really enjoyed it! Love the photos you have posted

  3. Great photos, have an amazing time Helen.


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