Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Stitching Day with Friends

It was a lovely day for catching up and stitching with friends, the sun was shining and not a black cloud in the sky. Usually I forget to take pictures.

                                            Carin working on Flowerville

Shelley working on her beautiful block using blanket stitch.

                                          Lyn showing us her Auntie Green's Garden that she had finished.

Jackie and Diane were knitting and I started work on another block of my flowerville. 

Happy stitching....


  1. What a lovely productive day. That Auntie Greens is gorgeous.....I'm always so tempted when I see it.

  2. What a wonderful day, LOVE the show & tell.
    Your next block looks very intricate, look forward to seeing it finished!

  3. Aunty Greens garden is lovey. Great work Tor the day

  4. Wonderful to have a stitching day with friends Helen. Lots of beautiful projects happening there.

  5. you are all doing such beautiful projects

  6. All of you are working on lovely projects...

  7. What a lovely group of ladies and their projects!


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