Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Halls Gap Getaway

First stop Gail’s Emporium.

Dogs enjoying the sun while we unpack.

Relaxing with a bit of stitching

A visit to my favorite craft shop in Stawell and catching up with Cheryl ( Cheryl’s Stitching) a few bits found their way into my basket.🤗

Eddie (our jack russell) has a heart murmur and we have been told he has reached the maximum dosage in his medication and will start to deteriorate. One of the symptoms would be a need to cling and stay close, now he just follows me all day. He didn’t want to stay outside when I came in for a drink.

Waiting while I’m in the shower.

Where would we be without our furry friends and their unconditional love. 😘

Happy stitching ........


  1. So lovely to catch up Helen - thanks for calling in and enjoy your goodies and for the lovely coffee today. Your dogs are the cutest

  2. Hi Helen your puppies are so cute ,sad about Eddie,though its good he finds comfort with you. Hope you have a lovely holiday and how nice you got to catch up with Cheryl enjoy your goodies xx

  3. Love the Stawell patchwork shop, must say never been to Gail’s day.
    Are you stashing for a new project? I love the fabrics you have purchased, beautiful!
    Lucky four leggers going on holidays! Looks like Eddie is well loved and looked after.

  4. Oh that is a shame about Eddie's health; no doubt you'll provide him with lots of TLC & understanding of his needs.
    Beautiful fabric purchases there♥

  5. Awww poor Eddie. Your purchases look good :)

  6. lovely to have a little trip away....

  7. Nothing like the love of a dog/s.I have have two mini foxies. Love them to bits. Enjoyed seeing your purchases. I went to gail's recently, Aladdin's cave

  8. I am so sorry about your little furry friend. It is never easy when our beloved pets become ill. Some lovely purchases .

  9. Nice purchases - poor Eddie, so cute. xx

  10. Aww Eddie wants to be with Mum. Nice to have a break away, lovely to catch up with Cheryl, great shop she works in. Nice bit of shopping you did Helen.


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